Wednesday, September 21, 2022

MKBHD Reviews Apple Watch Ultra


Reviews Apple Watch Ultra

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Series 7 Apple Watch Review

Series 7 Apple Watch Review

It's been a while since I have posted content on Jake's Apple Watch World, as I have been primarily focused on Jake's Rolex World. Deliveries of Apple Watch Series 7 have begun recently and below we have a superb review by iPhonedo. In the future I will likely publish a review on Series 7. In this video he wears and discusses the braided solo loop Apple Watch strap which is the single most innovate and comfortable watch strap I have ever worn...

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Apple Watch Series 6 Solo Loop & Braided Solo Loop


Apple Watch Series 6

Solo Loop & Braided Solo Loop

Apple recently launched the Series 6 Apple which, much like the Series 5 was relatively uneventful in the sense they didn't add any game-changing new features. One thing that completely blew my mind was Apple's release of the new Solo Loop and in particular the Braided Solo Loop which is pictured below.

In my opinion the Braided Solo Loop is an absolute work of genius as it lacks a conventional buckle along with some kind of goofy keeper system for the tail of the strap.  

Basically, this strap stretches over your hand to get onto your wrist. Apple offers the super innovative all-new Braided Solo Loop strap in 9 different sizes to fit each wearers wrist perfectly, and they are offering it in five different colors as seen below which include Product Red (Pictured above), as well as in inverness Green, Charcoal, Pink Punch, and Atlantic Blue.

If you think about it, the new braided Apple Solo Loop for Apple watch brilliantly works like an elastic tennis or basketball wrist band from the 1970s, and early reviews say it's very comfortable.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Apple Watch 4 Review

Apple Watch Series 4

I don't like to write reviews about products until I have had a chance to really use and thoroughly understand them, which is not the case. Apple Watch Series 4 has taken the Apple Watch from a fun toy to a serious tool watch! Especially with the increased sizes, which add significant ease of operation, visibility and emersion. There is something very right about the new form-factor. Also, the fact Apple went out of its way to make certain all Series 1, 2 and 3 band and straps are compatible is a huge deal! Being a bigger guy, I always thought the 42mm was too dainty. The 44mm is much more masculine. And MUCH easier to read and touch. 

Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 4 on (PRODUCT) RED  Sport Band

This review primarily covers the two stainless steel Apple Watch Series 4 models in Stainless Steel (Silver), as well as the Space Black Stainless Steel model. I wear both as they are so similar but different.

In the photo below we see the Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 4 on an Apple 44MM Cape Cod Blue Loop Strap. I like the Space Black Stainless Steel Apple watch a lot, but I am not crazy about the color or shade of black. In my mind its way too light. To my I would think it is more of a dark grey than it is a black. My Series 2 Apple watch had a much darker black color, which I much prefer. In the future I will do a side by side comparison of the two different shades of black to perfectly illustrate this point.

In the photo below we the 44MM Space Black Apple Watch 4 and a leather strap.

The photo below shows the same none OEM butterscotch leather sport strap as pictured above. This is an unusual strap as its clousure system is very similar to a classic Apple Sport Band.

In the photo below we see the 44mm Indigo Sport Loop.

This review is far from done, and as time permits I will update it. Once I feel this story is done, I will remove this notice.

New Watch Faces

I really like the new all digital infograph Modular face which is exclusive to the Series 4 Apple Watch, but I am not a big fan of the new analog version of the face.

In my opinion, Apple Watch needs to open up watch-faces to third-party developers. In other words, once people can design their own dials for Apple watch, it will be awesome! Will Apple ever allow this? It's hard to say, but I imagine at some point in the future it will be inevitable.

The Future Of The Apple Watch

I think Apple should come out with a 46MM Apple watch, which would make it even easier to see and use. Also, I think it is very likely in the future we will see the form factor evolve into a square version—meaning instead of being a tall triangle  it will be perfectly square, which will make it considerably wider. Doing so will allow for a much more immersive experience  I realize this might sound strange, but I would see the benefits of having a model that is wider than it is taller, which would make it much more like wearing a tiny iPhone on your wrist. One thing for sure is that it would allow you to watch movies on your Apple watch and have it look great.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

All New Apple Store In The Alderwood Mall In Lynnwood, Washington

All New Apple Store

Alderwood Mall

Lynnwood, Washington

Apple just opened an all-new Apple Mini Flagship store in the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Washington. This store replaced an older Apple store, and the new store project took 9 months to build. I was STUNNED by how magnificently beautiful the new Apple store is!!! Not only is it the most beautiful Apple store I have ever seen, and I have seen many, but I would argue it is the most beautiful retail store I have EVER seen in my life!!!

The are many incredible details in this store, and one of them is what appears to be a TV on the back wall that looks like it must be 10 feet tall!!! There are all kinds of amazing details I noticed like the new table are no longer made from Maple, but some other kind of tougher wood. I also noticed the pigtail plugs that used to run down from the table top to the floor are gone and have been replaced by invisible power lines that run through one of the legs on the Apple Table. Also, the standard stainless steel walls have been replaced with beautiful stone walls that are a very warm color. This store is an absolute masterpiece!!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Jay Leno Stainless Steel Apple Watch on Milanese Loop Bracelet

...Apple Watch Coolness...

Jay Leno
Stainless Steel Apple Watch 
on Milanese Loop Bracelet

I have always loved watching Jay Leno's Garage, and I noticed in this episode Jay is wearing a stainless steel Apple Watch on a Milanese Loop Bracelet. It's kind of a supreme irony when you think about it, that in the video Jay is wearing an Apple Watch that was designed in the United States, while he is driving a car designed in the United States, both of which are and were technological marvels of their respective times.

Monday, June 20, 2016

How The Apple Watch Dock Works Under Watch OS3

How The Apple Watch Dock Works 
Watch OS3

9 to 5 Mac created this superb video that showcases exactly how the Dock works in Watch OS3, as well as showing how to add and remove apps.

9 to 5 Mac also created this video of Watch OS3, which give a superb overview of how it works. 9 to 5 Mac also wrote a superb hands-on article on iOS10 + watchOS3 Home App for HomeKit on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, which I also highly recommend reading.

I am extremely curious about the new HomeKit enabled app named Home, so I want to share this excellent video overview on how it works:

Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 Apple WWDC Keynote Including Watch OS 3

2016 Apple WWDC Keynote
Including Watch OS 3

Apple showcased the upcoming Watch OS 3 at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco today. Kevin Lynch from Apple gives the presentation on The Apple Watch Update in the WWDC video, which begins at 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the video. I highly recommend watching the entire Keynote, which is ver impressive...

My overall impression of the WWDC was amazing!!!! I am most impressed with the significant advancements with the HomeKit, including the Home App [1Hour 19 Minutes in to the video] for iOS and Watch OS. 

As many of you know, I stopped writing about the Apple Watch after it was launched. I did so because I purchased the stainless steel Apple watch, along with several straps, and ended up returning it because I thought it was so frustrating to use. I found the watch UI to be way to kludgy, and slow.  In particular, I found it very cumbersome and tedious to get to any information or apps. Also, the overall performance of the watch was way too sluggish. The Apple Watch felt like a Beta product that was not ready for prime time, and I didn't want to pay a lot of money to be a Beta Tester!!?!

Promising Future of Watch OS 3

Even thought I don't wear an Apple Watch today, I have been keeping abreast of the changes, and with the preview of Apple Watch OS 3 seems AMAZING!!!! So I am looking forward to checking it out.

In the meantime, several thoughts on the current state of the Apple Watch:

1. I am completely blown-away with the Apple Watch ability to instantly change straps and bracelets. This is my single most favorite feature, and something I look forward to exploring in the future in detail. In other words, it is amazing to me that by simply changing the strap/bracelet on the Apple Watch it can complete change looks.

2. My least favorite feature, which was not addressed in the WWDC Keynote is that Apple has not opened up the the actual timekeeping/ watch User Interface to developers. I think most of the existing Apple watch faces are lame, and I believe Apple should open up the UI so third-party developers can customize it, as well as offering much more flexibility to end users. 

3. I think some of the new feature of Watch OS 3 are stunningly brilliant. The ability to authenticate you Mac password with an Apple Watch is amazing. I am also impressed with the new feature that allows you to write gestures in response to text messages. As previously mentioned, I am super impressed with the advancements in the HomeKit platform, and how it can all be controlled with the Apple Watch!!!!

As I mentioned, I am really looking forward to Watch OS3, and I am curios to see the advancements in the second generation of Apple Watch Hardware. I assume Apple will keep the form-factor similar, and most importantly, I assume they will keep it backwards compatible with all their brilliant straps and bracelets.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bright Blue Leather Loop Strap

...Wrist Shot Of The Day...

Bright Blue Leather Loop Strap

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Consumer Reports Tests The Apple Watches

Consumer Reports Tests The Apple Watches