Friday, April 10, 2015

The Apple Watch First Impressions

The Apple Watch
Hands On First Impressions

This weekend I had the chance to try out the Apple watch in person, and I was completely stunned!!! I mean I was absolutely blown-away!!! If I had to sum up the Apple Watch in three words, I would say: "Innovation, Innovation, Innovation!!!"

In my opinion, a hundred years from today, people will look back at the history of the wristwatch, and there will be three seminal events that will stand out. 

First would be the development of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual in 1931; second would be the development of the digital quartz watch in the late 1960s, and last but not least, would be the the development of the Apple Watch launched in 2015. 

Before we look at the Apple Watches up close, I want to share how impressed I was with the implementation of the new Apple Watch Display cases in the Apple stores. 

The new Apple Watch display tables by themselves are a work of art. As you see in the photo above, they have all the different models displayed behind glass. These watches are never removed to be shown to customers. Instead, Apple specialists magically swipe what appears to be an NFC device in front of a drawer, which magically opens.

Each Apple Table has six watch drawers, each with one Apple specialist able to access their individually assigned drawer. The gold Apple Watch models (known as WATCH EDITION) are not available in every Apple Store, and you can only see them by appointment is larger Apple stores. Each Apple store that showcases the gold watches shows them in a special room.

Today, Apple launched both the Apple Watches, as well as the New MacBook, and the simultaneous launch of these products was different than any other Apple Launch. When Apple iPhones first go on sale in the Apple Store, the stores get really busy, and often times the customers and employees get overwhelmed. Apple decided with the launch of the Apple Watch and New MacBook, to only show them in the store, with the only way to order them online. If you think about it, this is a brilliant innovation in sales technique.


Let's start with the least expensive Apple watch known as the WATCH SPORT. This model is made out of aluminum, and comes standard with what Apple refers to as Ion-X glass. As I understand Ion-X glass is the same glass they use on iPhone 6 screens. Essentially it is scratch resistant, but not as durable as synthetic sapphire crystal.

The watch above has a DLC coating in a color Apple refers to as Space Gray. The WATCH SPORT model comes on a "Flouroelastomer" band which is offered in five different fashion colors, including black, which is seen on the model in the photo above and below.

This model has almost a Mil-Spec look to it, and as you see in the image below, it has great curves and lines, coupled with a magnificent fit and finish.

Size Comparison

In the image below I compare my 47MM Panerai Marina Militare PAM 587 to the 42MM Apple Watch. My 47MM watch is definitely on the larger size. I think Apple should also consider making a 47MM Apple Watch, but the 42MM is still a very good overall size.


Next up we take a look at the WATCH, which is my favorite model. It has a stainless steel body with a sapphire crystal, so it should be very, very durable.

The stainless steel model is offered with several different bracelet options, which each give the watch a completely different look as illustrated in the above image. On the left, we see the Milanese Loop bracelet  and on the right side we see the exact same model, with a "Link Bracelet." In the image below we see the Link Bracelet from the side view. For some reason it reminds me of shark gils or something :-)

The Link Bracelet is a magnificent piece of highly innovative engineering. I was literally stunned with how it worked. As you see in the image below, the bracelet tapers toward the clasp, then the links stay a uniform width. As you can see in the image below, the uniform width links have push-bottons on the back, shaped like Tic-Tacs. If you press on them, they unlink the bracelet, so the end user can easily adjust the bracelet without having to use any kind of tool.

I put together the video below to show the detail of how the Apple Watch Link Bracelet works.

Next, let's take a look at the Milanese Loop bracelet, which gives the Apple Watch a dressier look.

In the photo below of the Milanese Loop bracelet, you see how clean and infinitely modern it looks.

The real beauty of the Apple Watch lies in how modularly easy it is to almost instantly change looks with, and in the photo below we see the navy blue Apple Leather Loop strap.

Last but not least, we see the stainless steel Apple Watch on the black Sport Band. In the future, once I obtain an Apple Watch, I will be publish a more detailed review. As of now, I am extremely excited about the future of the Apple Watch!!!

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